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Photo Courtesy by Niko Ramirez

That show kinda hit home not gonna lie, but also at the same time gave everyone in the room a little more resilience about life and relationships. Before going to this show, I actually didn’t know much about Queen Naija other than the fact that she got her fame from singing on vine and now Tik-Tok. Now that she has had a little bit of time to raise her kid after stepping down from making content on social media, I would say that if she would keep the pace she is at, she could be performing at even larger venues like Bill Graham or even Fox Theater in the next few years. 

What I can say that I liked the most about this show was that it wasn’t just her singing up there by herself, I’ve been to shows in the past and the main acts were just up there by themselves. For Queen Naija however, she had a whole band with, pianos, drums, synths, and guitars. And even in a smaller venue like the Catalyst, I feel like the effect of the instruments has an even bigger take on the audience because they are only that much more closer to you on the stage. Even so with just showing off her amazing outfit, Queen Naija also had two more background dancers give the crowd that extra show.  

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Photo Courtesy by Niko Ramirez

I’ve honestly never been to an R&B/Soul show before and I honestly really loved it. I wouldn’t say that a large portion of my music that I listen to is R&B, but after going to see Queen Naija, I definitely am adding her to my playlists. Though her actual performance was only near one hour, the transitions the band made in between each song was actually really sick and it kept  the flow of the show going so well. I loved it so much. When the show had “ended”, I was told by my friend that I went with and she said “Wait, she didn’t even play Medicine, that’s like her #1 song though”. I knew right away she was going to come right back out so immediately got us closer to the stage as everyone was leaving and then bing bong, she popped right back out and shouted, “Yall really think I wouldn’t sing the song that got me here in the first place?”, and everyone immediately came running back LOL. 


In all, I really enjoyed this show and it was great getting to see an R&B artist for once and listen to an artist with all the vibes. Definitely check her out on Spotify when you can. I would say she is right there next to Ella Mai for me, she’s just that amazing. 

Written by Niko Ramirez


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