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Sun reflecting off clouds and rolling green hills overlooking valley

Whether it’s work, school, family, or really any aspect of life, sometimes we get stressed. And those feelings are totally valid. Music helps many of us here at KSJS relieve stress, but we’ve also compiled a list of some of our favorite places and activities to alleviate some of that tension — all in San Jose, California! Take a deep breath, relax and read on. Things will get better.

1. Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve

Sierra Vista is one of the prettiest viewpoints I’ve been to. Along with an incredible view of San Jose, this open space preserve offers several low-intensity trails that you can hike. I love this place because it gives you a literal breath of fresh air. Stress is non-existent up here! Come to Sierra Vista take pictures, admire the cows that are there (yes, there are cows!), or to have some deep conversations with some friends. – Vicky Chung

Sun Reflecting Off Clouds And Rolling Green Hills Overlooking Valley


2. Open Mics at Philz

I’ve always loved live music, whether I’m hearing mainstream artists, locals, or people right off the streets. I’ve always enjoyed open mic nights in particular, because there’s a surprise element in listening to a performance by someone you would never expect. Philz Coffee right on Paseo de San Antonio holds open mic nights every Monday evening. It’s always a treat to listen to live music, especially in such a stripped-down setting. I don’t think many people know that Philz holds open mic nights, but if you like to blow off steam by listening to music, I think listening to unknown talent is a great way to do so. – Noor Elhage


3. Monday Night Bowling

I like going with my friends bowling on Monday to Bowlero. We like to go there for the unlimited bowling for one price. We’re able to all go to one lane and have a good time and everything is discounted. It is a nice place to hang out with black lights and music. – Savannah McGoff


4. Record Shopping at Needle to the Groove

Needle to the Groove is a vinyl shop that’s about two blocks away from San Jose State University. They’re open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. If you’re big on vinyl then this place is great because most vinyls they sell here are pretty affordable. It’s a nice place to go because it has a nice atmosphere where the only noise is a record playing in the corner. It’s a pretty peaceful store where you can just stroll and be in your own thoughts sometimes. – Julia Eide

Old Box Holding Vinyl Records And Pink &Quot;Surrealistic Pillow&Quot; Record


5. Caffe Frascati Open Mics

Other than being a cute little coffee shop to hang out in on 2nd street, Caffe Frascati is known to host open mic events weekly with a bit of a twist. Thursdays being Live Lit with poetry open mics, Tuesdays being Music Night where anyone can come up to sing or jam and Monday being Comedy Day where local comedians test out their new material. – Alan Baez

Woman Reading Paper At Coffee Shop Open Mic Event


6. Hart’s Dog Park

Walk your dogs in this dedicated dog park. If you have dogs and are tired of walking them on the block, go to Hart’s Dog Park and have an amazing time interacting with other dog lovers. Going there makes me forget about stress and leave off my anxiety. Great place for dog sitters, too. The park is beautiful and clean. It will make you want to take your dog there at least once a week. – Arnulfo Luna


7. The Art Boutiki

Located on 44 Race St., this hybrid comic book store, cafe, and music venue is the place to be for those looking for a fun night. The Art Boutiki holds ticketed shows— everything from relaxing jazz nights to high-energy punk gigs—as well as free events, like their open mic nights and Drink N’ Draw. Nothing beats some live music in a local venue after a stressful week! – Vicky Chung

Stage With Keyboard And Drum Kit, Back Wall Is Filled With Posters


8. Santana Row

Santana Row is a great option for walking around. This area has a lot of nice restaurants, coffee spots, weekly events such as car shows and a farmers market every Wednesday. It offers a playground for kids and live music on Saturdays. Great place to dress nice and have a drink or just to socialize with your friends. – Arnulfo Luna


9. San Jose Museum of Art

The San Jose Museum of Art is a phenomenal place to visit. It’s free for students so I would check it out regardless if you’re into art or not. Either way, the art in this museum is really something to see. It’s open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. This is also a place to go if you just want to clear your head because it’s quite peaceful and you can look at a variety of art pieces. – Julia Eide

Beige Building Front, San Jose Museum Of Art

Which of these ideas is your favorite? What spots did we miss? Sound off in the comments below, and tune in to 90.5 FM or stream KSJS online to find underground tunes for every occasion!

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