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From the R&B and soul scene, Tokyo-born Vancouver artist RIKII makes himself known with lo-fi hip hop beats, a delicate and textured composition, and dreamy, soothing vocals that sends its listeners to another dimension. If you are a fan of Keshi’s older music, you will like RIKII. When I first started listening to RIKII, his voice and overall style was very reminiscent of Keshi.

So who is RIKII? To give a little background, RIKII has always had a passion for music, but this was initially expressed through jamming it on the violin. Yet unfortunately, due to an injury, he was unable to professionally play the violin anymore, which led him to express his musical talents through songwriting and production. Since then, RIKII released a bunch of singles, two EPs entitled Before the Weather Changed and Maybe I Think Too Much. Some of his more popular tracks include “Alone ft. rym,” “Bottles,” and “Wait.” RIKII started out with one single in 2018 entitled “Lines,” and eventually started pumping out more songs over the years. His most recent single entitled “Drunk” features a rhythmic mellow flow and smooth beats.

Some of my favorite songs by RIKII so far that will get you hooked include: “Wait,” “Why,” “401,” and “Fade.” One song that stood out to me was “Arigato ft. rym,” where RIKII sings in a beautiful blend of Japanese and English that feels like saying goodbye to Spring and welcoming a new chapter. His mixing of Japanese and English can also be heard in his hauntingly beautiful single “Alone ft. rym.”

RIKII’s ambient melodies will make you feel like you’re either at a coffee shop or chilling late at night. From his distinctive melodic structure, ethereal voice, and rich production, RIKII is an artist that you need to be listening to.

Written by Ashley Tang

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  1. A lot of great art comes from tough situations, right? It is said that art flourishes in boundaries. An early introduction to music through the violin is a great foundation to the arts. Given the physical injury, RIKII is clearly a product of these circumstantial restrictions. I will have to check them out.

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