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On a Monday night, Bruno Major(@brunomajor) and opening artist Lindsey Lomis(@lindseylomis) played an amazing sold-out show at The Warfield in San Francisco.

Bruno is on a world tour coming off the release of his 3rd studio album, “Columbo”. He was set to tour in 2020 for the release of his 2nd studio album, “To Let A Good Thing Die”, but it was cancelled due to COVID. This tour was set to make up for lost time, as Bruno is given the opportunity to celebrate both albums.

Starting from the line, I knew the energy in the building would be electric as the line already wrapped the block an hour before the show. As the doors opened, I settled into the floor being fairly close to the stage. I wanted to take in the overall feel of the whole environment and as I looked around, I found that the venue became absolutely filled and was only growing. I observed that there were many fans of different backgrounds, but we all shared one thing, and that was the fact that we were excited for some amazing heart-felt music.

Lindsey Lomis came out and really set the tone. She came out and played Daydreaming, her title song from her 2022 EP. She performed many songs both released and unreleased, but was also really engaging with the crowd and giving us stories behind each song. Lindsey provided us with melodic guitar playing with smooth riffs and songs with lyrics both relatable yet vulnerable with emotion, as she also has one of the most soothing voices but still hit us with runs that make you shake your head in disbelief. She displayed not only her talent, but her kind soul, as I have full belief that she will be headlining her own tour one day.

Shortly after the opening set had ended, the lights had dimmed. The crowd started cheering, heightened with excitement as Bruno Major came out and started off their show with The Show Must Go On, the perfect opening song to start a highly anticipated show. The atmosphere was highly intimate, as Bruno and his band had played some of his most wholehearted songs, putting the audience through the feels. I had always adored Bruno for his beautiful songwriting, and getting to see and hear it all live definitely put me on cloud nine. Bruno effortlessly displayed his artistry through playing some of the jazziest guitar riffs, to some of the most intense solos I’ve ever heard on a guitar, to playing the piano effortlessly, but all with the constant of having one of the most peaceful voices, that still shines with power. Bruno Major definitely put on a show!

In all, it was an amazing experience. It had been a dream of mine to see Bruno Major live and I am happy to say I fulfilled it. Give Bruno a listen if you want to feel something, because I guarantee you that he will do just that.




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