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On Thursday, August 10th Dominic Fike (@dominicfike) and the opening artist Hether (@hether) gave an unforgettable show at the Frost Amphitheater. It was my first time at this venue and I can honestly say it’s now one of my favorites and I definitely will be coming back to see more shows here.

The summer air was perfectly warm and the stage was surrounded by beautiful trees and greenery. My friends and I have been anticipating Dominic’s tour since he dropped his latest album Sunburn and wanted a close view. What I like about the Frost Amphitheatre is that you could see from any spot, whether you’re in the pit, in the middle on tiered stairs, or on the grass hill in the back. As a short person it’s hard to find the perfect concert spot but on the tiered stairs I was able to see everything.

Photo Courtesy of Elisa Ramos

As we walked to our spot, Hether played their single, Shy, and I knew it would be a good night as I finally heard the song I’ve loved since it was released in 2019. They were a solid opener for Dominic as they livened the energy of the crowd with their melodic guitar riffs and dreamy undertones. I’m waiting for the day they headline their own tour to see them again.

As the sun started to set, the sky was a mixture of pink and orange when Dominic came out and opened with How Much Is Weed? What I enjoyed about this concert is the atmosphere of the crowd and everyone genuinely enjoying the music together. I was most excited to hear Pasture Child and his vocals did not disappoint. I keep rewatching videos of the show just to relive this unforgettable moment and will be on the lookout for future shows to see him again.

It was also cool to see a big artist like Dominic Fike represent Filipino culture as an avid listener who shares the same background. Representation within artistic spaces and media is important so it was nice to see how successful he is and continuing to be.

Overall, I am grateful to have had this experience at a beautiful location thanks to the KSJS promotions team.

For those attending shows at the Frost Amphitheatre, I recommend parking in the C lot in front of the Cantor Arts Center. My friends and I arrived at 7PM when the concert started and easily found parking that was close to the entrance. However, we did miss out on merch as sizes and products were selling out so for those who are looking for something specific you should arrive early. Lastly, pack all concert essentials in a security approved clear bag and bring a blanket in case you want to sit on the grass hill during the show.

Photo Courtesy of Elisa Ramos

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