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Now that spring is upon us, what better way to kick off the new season than a show put on by none other than Benches, an up and coming indie rock band from San Diego.

This talented and energetic group has been on tour with other bands in the past, such as UltraQ and The Red Pears, but this time around, they took California by storm with their own West Coast shows ranging from venues in San Diego to San Francisco. On April 4th, 2023, Benches stopped by Bottom of The Hill venue in San Francisco, and did not leave the audience disappointed. 

To begin this Tuesday night, Tess Stevens, a local Bay Area performer, took the stage for a solo performance with her unique punk sound. Not only did Stevens absolutely kill her solo set with just her and her guitar, but her genuine love for music and performing was incredibly evident on stage, with her free spirited and outgoing personality. This created an immaculate vibe in Bottom of The Hill, and set the tone for the night to come. Following Stevens was an indie alternative band based in San Francisco, LoserLees. Their performance definitely hyped up the crowd, as their punk alternative setlist created a high energy atmosphere, with lead singer Lees Akard even joining the mosh pit for their final song. 


After two incredible openers, Benches took the stage and played a variety of their discography, which created an electric night of music. I found this venue to be perfect for these performers, as it felt very intimate and personal, while also keeping the ability to have your own individual experience without feeling judged. Lead vocalist Anson Kelly, drummer Ethan Bowers, bassist Charlie Baird and lead guitarist Evan Ojeda have a chemistry that radiates the room as they perform. Their ability to display their passion for what they do is what makes their shows so special, and this energy and pure love for music is extremely admirable as an audience member. Whether they were performing their more popular hits such as “Monodrama” or “Violent”, or taking it back to their older discography, Benches put their all into this performance, while also exuding a lively and humble attitude, even staying after their set to meet tons of fans. 

If you ever get the chance to see these performers, I would highly recommend it, as they each individually created an energetic space and put on an excellent performance. Whether you are someone who loves to mosh and go crazy during shows, or a more laid back concert goer, these performers absolutely have a place for you at their shows. 

Written by Hailey Nieto


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  1. The blog post that I chose to write about was Hailey Nieto’s review on the Benches. The two things that stood out to me was the heavy use of descriptions as well as the passion you feel through her blog post. Hailey speaks very highly about the openers and the main event themselves. The only other questions that I can think of are is how the crowd was during the performances and what were some of their thoughts. 

  2. This was great to hear. What stood out to me about this was the mentioning of the high-energy atmosphere created by the performers and the intimate and personal vibe of the Bottom of The Hill venue. It’s admirable that Benches and the other performers displayed their passion for music and stayed after their set to meet their fans. Overall, sounds pretty cool!

  3. I’ve never heard of this band but they sound really interesting!! Hopefully they make the long trip from San Diego to the bay again so I can check them out! I love discovering new and underrated bands

  4. I have faith that this band knows what they’re doing. Benches songs are super fun and fast paced that definitely induces some heart racing feelings. If you’re ever looking for a band that’ll make you wanna live life in the fast lane, Benches will gladly help with that!

  5. What a beautiful orchestrated and well thought out post! This type of music is generally what I listen to so I was surprised that I have never heard of this band before. After reading this blog post I checked out their discography, and I love them! I hope they play again in San Francisco so I am able to see them live.

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