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Halloween is right around the corner along with different tricks and treats the holiday brings. As we continue to wear a different kind of mask and keeping our social distance, KSJS invites you to take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about of our favorite things, about Halloween. 

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“Halloween, Is Literally One Of The Best Days Of The Year”

       The best parts of Halloween includes dressing up and trading candy. Stolen slightly from the movie “Mean girls” Halloween is literally one of the best days of the year because it is a one time you can dress up as anything you want and not feel left out, or out of place. Really it’s exciting to me because you get to see people be really creative, funny, scary, or even sexy. It is so dope to see someone really embody or killed a costume to the point where you have to question whether it’s really a customer not because it was created beautifully. You can definitely tell when someone has put effort and time into the costume or if it’s thrown together last minute. Either way I enjoy seeing people participate as it shows me a glimpse of someone’s personality and that you can enjoy a Holiday.

         Now I know what you’re thinking, how could you not include trick-or-treating but let’s be honest not everyone likes to walk around all night, some people don’t like to get scared, some people give out bad candy or worse, none at all. But the excitement, to separate and trade candies is a thrilling rush in itself. It teaches you business and to be smart in how you trade goods. What I mean by this is that trading candies with your siblings are friends allows for you to gain the better candy and get rid of your non-favorites but also allows for everyone to get a little bit of everything if you trade the right candies. These events make Halloween exciting to look forward to every year. – Asia Tugbenyoh 

“It’s Halloween! Everyone’s Entitled to One Good Scare!”

         Halloween is the time where I come alive and embrace all things spooky 24-7 from the 1st to the 31st.  As a young child till now, Halloween has been my favorite time of the year because it signals the transition from the hot summer times to the cooler and darker fall days. It symbolizes pumpkin patches, brisk fall morning air, drinking copious amounts of pumpkin spice lattes, and curling up in my warm bed to the sounds of a Horror flick playing in the background. 

          Horror is a natural part of my life throughout the year but when it comes to Halloween, I can’t help but be amped up by the doom and gloom because dressing up as a scary monster or a supervillain is something that I love to put effort into and I can’t even count how many various costumes of traditional monsters that I have pulled off in the past years. The macabre doesn’t scare or place fear into my heart at all, even, in fact, I find whatever medium of horror genres that I consume, whether its’ comics, novels, films, games, or podcasts, to be actually comforting. Halloween amplifies that concept to an eleven and I enjoy the changes in weather but also the general atmosphere that happens when Halloween comes. It gives me a sense of anticipation and excitement. It helps that I have a natural sweet tooth and that’s a bonus to buy anything and everything that’s related to chocolate.  – Samar Robleh

“And For The Love Of Halloween, Don’t forget Your Mask.”

          Your feet kiss the cold wood floor–it wakes you up from that early morning daze–and you shuffle to your closet. You kept it straight for weeks, caring for it by neglecting it, but only touched with your eyes, or for a picture to post on Instagram on that one occasion, just to let everyone know that it’s that time again. The sweet time; the parties you’ll go to; the family pictures with pets; the thick smell of plastic and cosmetics; black and orange and black and green and orange and orange; bursting bites of mellow chocolate; twilight’s cool embrace at sunset’s rest. 

           This year, that sweet time becomes a memory. The cracked corners of that fading Polaroid whispers into your eyes. You actually want a familiar face to jump out–a burst of adrenaline. “Thriller” doesn’t sound the same without laughter and blood-filled cups from that smoke-y black plastic cauldron you got on sale from the dollar store. And the chance you could have gotten the king-sized candy bar from that one house in your neighborhood.

            However, nothing is stopping you from decorating; stretched cotton webs across your walls; plastic skeletons in fatal positions; scattered candy across your dining table. This year is your chance to try something new and not be afraid to break tradition. And for the love of Halloween, don’t forget your mask. Yes, bring the scary one too. -Oliver Cervantes

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  1. Wow these were really good!! Definitely got me more into the spooky spirit. I can’t wait to pull out my Frankenstein mask for my trip to the pumpkin patch tomorrow…

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