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Tuesday April 25th, Texas rapper Kankan took the stage in San Francisco for the final show on the “Really Rich” tour. Kan performed at the San Francisco Brick & Mortar Music Hall for a sold out show of 250 people.


While this is his first tour, Kankan is far from a rookie in the rap landscape. As a founding member of the Slayworld and ##RR (Really Rich) collectives, as both a rapper and a producer Kankan has helped popularize the plugg, pluggnb, and rage subgenres of rap. Up until now, Kankan performances were extremely rare and far between.

The show was supported by a number of opening acts. Entering the venue, the energy was already high with a dj playing high energy underground rap. This energy was maintained by rapper V. Lonely from Chicago. He was then followed by Bay Area native Chine Slender. I had never heard of either of them before, but their stage presence inspired me and I will definitely be checking their music out in the future. The mic was then transferred to Detroit rapper DaeMoney. Dae walked back and forth on stage with his purple tinted bottle of smart water as the crowd gave him good energy for hits such as GTA which features Lucki and Veeze. 

After this, the show transitioned to Really Rich affiliate TrapMadeJason who performed songs from his debut album “Perfect Timing”. We were then treated to an unexpected guest when Slayworld rapper Goonie took the stage. Goonie performed underground classics including his song Zaza featuring Kankan and Yeat.

Finally at around 10:40 Kankan took the stage for his headlining set. Energy was high for the crowd who had been waiting so long in anticipation. Kan performed all his hits with a cool and collected aura while his fans surged forwards yelling the lyrics back at him. Kankan performed classic songs such as Nun To Me, Wokeup, and Goin’ To Hell as well as songs from his recent album “Way2Geeked”. As the time reached 11 the crowd was given a warning that Kankan had to leave which was then reversed after outcry from the audience. Kankan took the stage once again for an encore performance celebrating the end of the tour. Kan performed ##RRAnthem and S0what as the crowd went crazy. 

Overall, while the show had a few organizational issues, and Kankan is still finding his footing as a live performer, the show was extremely fun. I can’t wait to hear more from Kankan as he grows as an artist. I will definitely be seeing him again if he comes back to the Bay.

Written by Joey Hider


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  1. It must’ve been extra special to attend Kankan’s final show of his tour in SF! I love attending small venues because the energy of a smaller crowd feels so passionate and close knit. Great review, I’ll check the artists out on Spotify 🙂

  2. What a concise and detailed review of this concert event. Although I have not heard of any of these more “underground” rappers, i enjoyed the way you described their performance and the crowd’s response to them overall. Your use of energy and aura as descriptors for presence and prowess really made me visualize and feel as if I could have been there in the crowd as well. Awesome to hear that it sounds like you had a great time overall!

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