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The person who made the album is Sabrina Claudio, Archives & Lullabies. This is her 6th album (released on February 10th, 2023)  and she is an R&B artist 

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Sabrina Claudio is an artist that uses mainy sensual, dreamy, and soulful sounds and energy in her songs that always pulls in listeners. I first heard her music with her first album Confidentially Lost which came out in 2017. Sabrina Claudio’s main message within her sound is the ability to emote and bring out her vulnerability in her lyrics and sound whether its from a personal experience or not. A lot of her songs are her “storytelling” with a lot of lyrics resonating hard with listeners. 

What pulls me in with Sabrina Claudio is her logic behind making music and songwriting. It’s her own form of therapy. She creates ballads that go onto topics and themes of betrayal, love, loyalty, lies, and more. She is an artist who enjoys the songwriting process as a whole and appreciates every step along the way. 

Even though she had increasingly gained popularity in her short time, her music is not the most popular and has not made it to the level of being played on the radio. But, she doesn’t let that phase her. She is an artist who enjoys being out of the limelight and gets to enjoy the passion she loves with not as much of the same pressure that many other artists deal with.

The overall theme of this album to  me was surrounding topics of reflection, and devotion to her partner (whether it’s good or bad).

Albeit these songs are not filled with many lyrics and she allows the instrumental to control the flow of the song, her words still pack a punch, “Don’t get discouraged / I was his for 3 years / But he was a lesson / For how I needed to prepare / For you” – Your Interlude. 

One track that definitely stood out to me was the opening song of the album Homegirl

From the start, her title was a play on the meaning of homegirl – best/close friend – but that was to show to herself that she can be her own close friend and be in touch with herself and emotions. As well as reminding herself she can’t be hurt when she’s safe with herself in her home. 

This song also sampled an unexpected song – Disco – Tama, which is a song that comes from a producer that is all the way from Japan who uses vocal synthesizers called VOCALOID. Not the most common genre & style to sample for bedroom/soothing r&b but worked really great and made me smile for a sample that would not be recognized.

I would rate this album 3.5/5 stars. I would say that majority of the set is great but as a 6th album, it’s an album that could’ve brought more and/or different sides of her as an artist, but her creative levels to create harmonies and keeping a consistent tone throughout each song is impressive and nice to listen to as a fan.

Written by John Carter

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  1. I appreciated how objective you were about reviewing this album, noting the things that Claudio did well and highlighting them as well as saying where there is more room for improvement. Another thing that stood out to me is how well you were able to describe her style and sound and gave the readers good expectations for what they will hear. As someone that listened to this artist but could not get into her music as much, a question of mine would just be what are some of her songs you would most recommend to a new listener? Overall, great article!

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