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    A burst of conditioned air zips through an eclectic crowd of emoji-using, sequin-wearing, embracers of the fun side of life. You are at a Remi Wolf Concert. THE GWINGLE GWONGLE TOUR is exactly what it sounds like- the bliss of random. With her eccentric voice and even wilder hair, Remi creates an energy in the venue that is unmatched.

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Photo Courtesy of Julia Chie

    A friend and I drove into the city around sunset. Located right by The Golden Gate Theater, Market Street was buzzing with creatives catching both Remi Wolf and To Kill a Mockingbird. After parking at a nearby garage, a kind man in his 60s joined us on our walk out, and told us about how he wanted to get his vintage vinyl records appraised. As we neared our destination, we bid goodbye and entered The Warfield.

    The crowd was youthful and full of excitement. One woman in front of me was in a full rainbow-glitter bodysuit and a mini backpack; guys in loose Hawaiian shirts and young women with fruity drinks and an “I want to dance”-attitude. Especially being on the ground, you could feel the comfortable atmosphere and the love everyone had for the performing artists.

    Speaking of, everyone just about melted when opener Jelani Aryeh came on stage. You know him from his breakout single Stella Brown and 2021 album I’ve Got Some Living To Do. His accompanying band created an upbeat pop-rock scene, something that feels homemade but still full at the same time.

Transforming the stage into a wonderland of exotic tall flowers and cartoonish bright colors, Remi Wolf came on with vivid red lights and an energetic yelp into the microphone. Such a natural performer, she bounced around the stage singing classics like Sexy Villain, Photo ID, and Pool in her cowboy hat. She narrated a story about meeting a mysterious new lover across the room at a party, and throughout the set explored our collective newfound love. I can compare her surrealistic nature to The Amazing World of Gumball- rooted in reality but campy and full of bubblegum and unicorns. Her comical way of speech and bright personality shines through her bubbly production and use of fantasy in her writing.

She performed a Remi Wolf-ified version of Pink + White by Frank Ocean, which forced a sway from even the most stone-faced in the crowd. Little did I know, she also plays drums. As a small intermission, Remi and her drummer switched positions and performed in that manner. Instead of singing, though, he shouted affirmations which the crowd repeated, making all of us feel like Dua Lipa (if you know you know). She ended the show once and for all with Disco Man as the encore. As bubbles and foam flew from the speakers, the night came to an end.

On the way back out of the parking garage, we saw the old man from earlier and said goodbye. It was overall a very fun time, and a definite recommendation.

Written byJulia Chie

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