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Lil Tecca put on a hip hop show exactly as they should be. Light, visuals and energy are all factors that must be thought of when putting on a show like Tecca’s and he did not miss the mark on any of these areas. Touring with several artists, Tecca seems to make it important to shed some of his own spotlight on other rising artists. Several openers by the names of Chow Lee, tana, and SoFaygo performed with intensity so high in order to draw out as much energy from the audience as possible. Without a doubt, the crowd reciprocated this with moshpits and constant jumping for the entire night. With that being said Tecca performed his hits off his newly released album TEC such as 500lbs and Down with me, to older songs in his discography like Ransom and Love me. Each with either heavy bass that I could feel in my chest or more fun bouncy tracks to groove to. 

Being at a hip hop concert, specifically near the front is not for the weak. These new age hip hop fans are known for mosh pits and jumping, or raging. No matter how strong one may feel, the energy of a concert such as this will leave one exhausted from the sheer movement of the crowd. With each performer screaming “MOSH PIT MOSH PIT” it’s an energy that couldn’t be escaped. Despite how exhausted I was coming out of the concert, it’s an experience that leaves me feeling joyous. Tecca’s concert was a place where you could unleash the rage and scream the lyrics with those around you. 

Overall, Lil Tecca provided a high octane show to his audience that was fun, loud and crazy simply put. Fans of Lil Tecca continue to display their love for his music which could not have been missed. For those who listen to artists such as Lil Tecca and are looking to experience a hip hop concert for the first time, specifically at the front, prepare for an intense time that will leave you wanting more every time. 


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  1. Looking at the photos, I agree that the lights, visuals, and environment are incredible. I have never been to a hip-hop concert, but it would be cool to participate in a mosh pit.

  2. Something that stood out to me about this blog post is the pictures! I love the pictures you took from the concert, they look so cool! I like how you mentioned how being near the front at a Hip-Hop concert is not for the weak, I totally agree! I have never heard of Lil Tecca, who would you compare him with?

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