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Photo Courtesy by Jared Rafnson

On Friday, March 3rd, producer and DJ William Black treated dozens of his fans to an incredible evening at The Midway in San Francisco. Artists Tsu Nami and Midnight Kids both did a fantastic job opening and made sure the party started right when those doors opened at 9. Black’s nearly 2 hour set featured immersive and colorful visuals and both beautiful and heavy drops. There were good vibes all around, with everyone getting to sing their hearts out and break their necks, which is an evening well spent in my book.

Those new to the melodic dubstep scene, or to EDM in general may not have heard of William Black, as he is a relatively new player himself. After attending his first rave at age 16, the orange county native immediately knew he wanted to build a career producing music. He would release his first remix around 2017, and by 2019 he had attracted the attention of big names in the industry, such as Adventure Club, NGHTMRE, and Sander to name a few. Today, Black has established himself as one of the key players in the “sadboi” edm scene, infusing melodic dubstep with emo – influenced lyrics that deal with themes of love, depression, addiction, and loss. Black has produced and released 2 albums, as well as other singles and collaborations.

During his show on the 3rd of March, William Black did a fantastic job mixing his own music and signature sounds with heavier dubstep and even some DNB drops. There was something for everyone – headbangers, sadbois and shufflers all left the show satisfied. William Black put on an amazing show, and it was a wonderful experience for first time ravers and veterans alike. I’m hoping he comes through the bay area again soon!

Written by Jared Rafnson 

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  1. I think with electronic shows/raves, aesthetic visuals definitely play a huge role in the experience so it’s good to know William Black offers that with his music. What stood out to me here is that while melodic dubstep is somewhat of a new-ish genre, I appreciate that he included DnB there since it’s not a new genre. However, I don’t think it’s as popular as house or dubstep here in the USA. Do you think DnB has the chance to take over the Bay Area the same way it has in Europe & UK?

  2. I didn’t get to attend this show, but it sounded super awesome! The contrast between slow and heavy is something I love when going to an edm experience. I didn’t know that William black was a California native! I remember seeing him open for illenuim in Las Vegas last year and he was great!

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