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We’re coming up on 10 days since Spartan Fest 2023, and now seems like a good time to assess the performances. This year, we were treated to performances from Tee Grizzley and Pierre Bourne, as well as a set, courtesy of DJ Umami. Lines started moving around 6:30, doors opened at 7:00, and it was showtime at 8. Getting into the venue was no struggle at all, as it was right in our backyard at The Provident Credit Union Center. As fans filed in, they were treated to free tee-shirts, courtesy of the school. They were then directed to the floor, where the hype began to grow. 

DJ Umami kicked it off, playing some of our favorite Bay Area bangers, while switching it up and throwing in some SZA for the feels. However, with chants for Tee building, it seemed like the audience were dying with anticipation. Finally, after some anticipation, the lights dimmed and Grizzley emerged from the shadows. His set was overall a good time- along with playing his hits such as “From the D to the A” and “First Day Out”,  he also gave a nod to other rappers, playing YNW Melly’s “Murder on My Mind” and King Von’s “Crazy Story”. After an invigorating set, the wait began for his coheadliner, Pierre Bourne. Restless fans started shouting out, “Yo Pierre, you wanna come out here?”, and while that is his producer tag, my guess is that fans were asking seriously. Pierre brought the vibes, with songs like “Drunk And Nasty”, “Switching Lanes”, and “Ballad”- overall, a very solid set. 


I believe this was a very successful Spartan Fest Concert. Props go out to the SJSU Student Union Inc for making it happen- Both headliners brought the energy, giving us a performance we won’t forget any time soon. Now we wait in anticipation for what 2024 may bring…

Written by Miles Gose Tolosa

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  1. Wait what?? How did I Miss this?

    Ive been a fan of Tee Grizzley ever since i heard his song First day Out way back in 2017. I thought he brought a really unique sound to the hip hop industry, which in my opinion was getting kind of stale around that time. It would have been so cool to see him perform live, especially in SJSU’s own event center.

    Also, Pierre Bourne has been one of the biggest names in beat production for hip hop for the past decade now, it’s been really interesting to see him transition to an artist and performer in his own right. I’d love to see what he brings to a live show.

    Awesome article, I’m bummed I didn’t get to go — maybe next time!

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