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Want to fill the void of hopeless romantic music look no further than Thomas Headon artist on the rise!

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Source: Thomas Headon

Sweet-sounding music about an unrequited crush to electrically anxious urban angel 1999 featured in Netflix’s “Heart-Stopper” Thomas Headon is an artist on the rise you’d like to know about if you like indie, lo-fi, bedroom pop, or whatever you’d like to call it he should be on your radar. 

He first blew up on TikTok with his song “Grace” in the same vein as “Yellow Hearts” by Ant Sauders in 2019. 

With his relatable TikToks of his thoughts layered over his latest song to be released or covers of anything from The 1975 to Harry Styles with his signature sound, he cultivated a community of loyal fans.

The Australian artist based out of the UK got his start on SoundCloud releasing experimental sound in 2017 prior to his blow-up and has been consistently releasing music ever since. 

In his sophomore release “clean me up” solidified his hopeless romantic bedroom pop sound, along with his first music video to go with the release of the song.


His music videos often give a warm, intimate home video, vibrant energy with a pinch of nostalgia mixed in. Ranging from Headon jump-cutting across a couch and poorly green-screened singing through a car window there is something endearing about his homemade image.

Not only do his music videos give this comfortable sentiment of returning home to someone you’ve known all your life, but his releases follow the same pattern.

In particular, his “hotel room 1602” EP only found on SoundCloud and Youtube was recorded while in a 14-day quarantine has a particularly intimate and beautiful quality different than his other releases it’s unpolished and feels like voicemail sent with all the thoughts a person goes through right before falling asleep. 

This wasn’t his first EP though, it was his third around the same time he started touring for his newfound audience. His first EP aptly named “The Greatest Hits” included his first three singles which blew up on TikTok along with three others and was released in March 2020. His second named “The Goodbye EP” was released in September 2020. 

By 2021 he was no longer just that small artist you were proud to keep to yourself, no he signed to Warner Records at some point that year, collaborated with Lizzy McAlpine on their single “Board”, and even got his song on Netflix’s “HeartStopper” during the opening credits of episode 5. 

At the beginning of this year, he released his latest EP “Victoria” with music videos for each song completed with a storyline as the actress returning in “Victoria” after being introduced in “Nobody has to know”. 

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Headon has a bright career ahead of him as he just keeps getting better with time. And if you want to see more of him before he gets so big he only plays stadiums, well I have news for you.

Thomas Headon and Alfie Templeman embark on their “2 British Friends 1 North America” tour. Headon’s second tour is stopping at the CornerStone in Berkeley, California on Nov. 9th, the same day as he’ll release his latest song “Georgia”. For more information including details about tickets, click the link Thomas Headon at Cornerstone Berkeley.

If you plan on going, prepare to take photos on the disposable cameras passed around during the show and hear his hits along with the covers of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles.


Written by Monica Shannon


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  1. Having never heard of this artist, I think your vocabulary describes him very distinctively and accurately. I also am a fan of how positive this review is as it showcases Thomas Headon as someone I’d love to see in concert, even if I have never heard one song.

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