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A large crowd sprawled all across the lawn, bright lights, booming sounds and it begins. Rüfüs Du Sol stopped at Shoreline amphitheater for their Surrender tour on October 11th.

The synth sounds, white lights in sync with the music, and a view of the group’s entrance. The audience with a budding excitement gets ready.  Not knowing what to expect, coming out of it was a magical experience to witness the impressive stage and sound of Rüfüs, said audience members who were convinced by their friend to come.

The sounds and transitions were smooth going from hyper feel-good energy green-lit stage to bright white lights to the song “Make it happen” felt like we stepped through the gateway to heaven. Then the band’s frontman Tyrone Lindqvist shared with the audience his gratefulness to be playing at such a large amphitheater an album created in lockdown. He also shared Rüfüs’s love for the bay area as one of their first American shows took place in San Francisco. 

Blue waves took shape on screen for underwater, maybe one of their best songs, followed by a stage doused in red. After this it felt as though every song might be their last as the audience had been satisfied with many of their hits–from “like an animal” to “on your knees”. As audience members questioned if we heard certain songs twice. 

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Photo Courtesy by Monica Shannon

Still eager and anxious for the show to never end the light show intensified with beams coming above and below the stage as we were teased for the upcoming songs. Screens showed members John Geoge’s hands expertly playing on synth keys and James Hunt killing it on the drums. Just when the lights turned off and it seemed like the show was over for good finishing with “No Place”. A couple of chants of “one more song! One more song!” and the lights were back up popping in smoke as excitement was building. The crowd exploded with joy. 

As the show ended the themes of living in the moment and treating people better sunk in. A refreshing bliss washed over us as we left united by the music. Magical, spiritual, and awaking were all words used to describe the experience when talking after the show. It was music that you felt through your body, not paying attention to anything else. 

Rüfüs’s powerful sound and simple lyricism pair together nicely for a spiritual concert experience. I’d would encourage anyone to go and for anyone to take a listen via 90.5 ksjs electronic for themes of living in the moment. If you are going to the shoreline amphitheater make sure to get there earlier for the crazy and somewhat confusing organization of parking. Don’t bring a blanket to the lawn section if you aren’t sitting at the very back or it will be stepped on.

Advice: It’s an outdoor venue so dress for the weather and if you are going to Rufus you won’t see too many others in rave wear or ready to trade candy so you have been warned.

Written By Monica Shannon


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