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As having been as patient as anyone could be, GhostDragon had finally got to play his headlining show that was supposed to happen the week most Bay Area counties were put on lockdown in early 2020. After having been postponed once again just recently last month, he was finally able to play for his fans and EDM lovers once again. 

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            Photo Courtesy of Niko Ramirez

This show happened at Cornerstone in Berkeley, a bar along one of the main streets in the city that has been notorious for being a bar and a whole music venue in the back. I would say too that parking was not the best, but the performances in the show are definitely worth the struggle.

I actually once got to see GhostDragon live when I was a freshman at San Jose State when he was opening for the Up&Up Festival by Monster Energy. GhostDragon at the time was making his debut into being a bigger DJ/Producer back then, and I can definitely say that his progress through the past few years have been exponential. He has for the most part been producing his own music with Exede, Caslow, Red Comet, and GLNNA.

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                               Photo Courtesy of Niko Ramirez                   

As someone who frequently listens to EDM in the Future Bass sub-genre, which is popular nowadays, I definitely would tell anyone to go see GhostDragon whenever they can and to just listen to his music when they get the chance. I really think his music is very underrated and I honestly think he’s one of the most notable producers that I’ve ever seen work. Like literally this guy can make a remix of a song the day that it’s released. Definitely go check him out when you can.

GhostDragon’s DJ set not only stayed in the future bass genre, but went deep into bass/tech house, dubstep, and even a little bit of hip-hop. I would say that GhostDragon is the DJ that meets that fine line between the two worlds of EDM and mainstream music, mostly EDM, but still a very good combo in my opinion. Other openers of the show included Yerinmyway, Caslow, Kepik, and Sabai, the man notorious for the song “Million Days”. Though I wasn’t able to make it in time for Yerinmyway (I got stuck in traffic), the openers literally stood up for what they are meant to do, to hype up the crowd for the headliner. I specifically liked Sabai’s opening DJ set the most because he is still a part of that EDM community and he REALLY knows how to put together something that everyone will scream, cry, and sing their hearts out to.

Overall, I really liked this show, the crowd wasn’t so small, but also not so large, literally just the right size. I WOULD agree that with smaller venues, the more damage you might endure to your eardrums, BUT, totally worth it it’s a genre of music that you love. If I could say one thing that this show could’ve had slightly better, I would say that it would’ve been cooler to have more lights shining on the people on stage or just a backdrop screen so everyone can see the DJs. Nevertheless, I would encourage anyone to check out any concert to any artist who you may have not heard of before because it might just be an artist you might listen to for a really long time.

Written by: Niko Ramirez



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