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Get ready to bring out the speakers, red solo cups, and open-fire grill for Smino’s third studio album “Luv 4 Rent”. Released October 28, 2022, Smino crafted a near-perfect album that you can vibe out to at your next house party. This 15 track album gives listeners bop after bop with amazing features from artists that perfectly compliment his vision.

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Source: Pitchfork

The St. Louis based rapper didn’t deliver fans a definitive rap or R&B but the end result is a cohesive piece that explores themes of past love and acceptance. Smino isn’t afraid to bounce around from upbeat songs to slower tender flows with inventive sounds. It never feels experimental, but it’s a refreshing experience that awards fans. The introduction of this album feels like it was ripped straight out of a Frank Ocean album, but it’s not just a blatant copycat. After this short intro, immediately knocks listeners over the head with “No L’s”. It’s full speed ahead on this album now and Smino creates the perfect song to vibe out too. He transitions seamlessly out of this song into “90 Proof” featuring J.Cole who is just one of the many flashy features that help tie this album together. Each of the features on this album (including Doechii, Rayvn Lanae, Cruza, and Reggie) never feel underused and they each get their proper moments to shine.

Throughout the album Smino smartly layers his vocals that creates catchy songs that you can’t help but dance to.  “Settle Down” feels almost like a celebration that really shows just how much fun Smino had making this project. “Pudgy” showcases some of the best beats and flow where Lil Uzi Vert perfectly plays off of Smino. The final song, “Lee & Lovie”, just makes me want to fall in and is an excellent closer that encapsulates the whole album.

“Luv 4 Rent” just feels like the perfect album to play at a small party because of its vibey beats and sonically creative choices. By the time it ends you’ll feel like falling in love and hitting that replay button. It deserves a 5/5 rating from me.

Written by Octavio Franklin

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  1. Smino albums are refreshing to the ears as each song delivers various interesting rhythms and keeps the listener on their toes! The hip-hop influence with R&B/blue instrumentals gives Smino a hypnotizing hold to continue listening throughout his album. I appreciate the slow and upbeat tracks, which kept me curious!

  2. I loved this album! So happy to see Smino continue to grow as an artist. My favorites are probably Pudgy, Settle Down, and Pro Freak ( I love Doechii).

  3. Great Article. I certainly think that Smino is quite a unique artist. I really enjoyed this album and I think his blend between R and B and rap is done very well, and this is what makes him stand out from other artists.

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