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Our KSJS team wanted to express the importance of representation of radio in the department name, and what this representation means to them. Our radio station has been a beacon of growth, opportunity, and community on SJSU’s campus for over 60 years.

Kara, Sarah and Octavio all sit down with our Co-Program Director Joe Neto and talk about their experiences here at KSJS and their thoughts on the importance of radio.

Our message is simple and clear, respect radio….respect KSJS….respect the students that have come and gone, those that continue to build their courage and confidence, and those that have yet to find their home at KSJS. These radio positions, workshops, meetings, and events are some of the most appropriately geared hands on training activities that can and has prepared SJSU graduates for real workforce jobs, whether here in the Silicon Valley, L.A., or any place on the globe.

Equal representation of all departments in this program is the right thing to do, and anything less is unacceptable. Please allow us the respect we’ve earned from our community, our students, alumni, and staff that has made us one of the best radio programs in the Bay Area and beyond.

Big thank you to our Co-Program Director, Joe Neto, for directing and producing this series.

#respectradio #respectKSJS #KSJSfm

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  1. The dedication and determination that the leaders of KSJS present is outstanding and really presents the importance that this space at SJSU has created for individuals alike. The videos in themselves are a testament of the community that KSJS has and will continue to create in the future.

  2. Indeed, Radio should be in the new department name. It is essential for representation and recognition.

  3. It’s a shame that the university wants to hide this program away after so many years of success. Sure, it’s true analog radio doesn’t reach the same amount of people as it once did, but certainly the skills one learns through working this station are transferable to podcasts and satellite radio?

  4. One thing that really stood out to me was how much each person’s experience is different in KSJS yet they have had their lives changed from the time being in the station, it truly offers so much to people, and removing the radio from the department name will give fewer people opportunities to possibly have their life changed. Another thing that stood out to me was how social KSJS has been, meeting new people and forming a community is an important part of anyone’s life so giving less exposure to be involved would be a big loss for many.

  5. KSJS has served such a vital role for so many students at SJSU over the decades. I hope radio stays in the department name, it is truly too important of an asset to the university to undermine.

  6. It’s great to see such practical applications of education that extend beyond the classroom and into significant career paths. I’m curious about how KSJS plans to continue this trajectory of growth and inclusion in the future. Are there new initiatives or expansions planned to further enhance the radio program?

  7. As an art major, I have some strong opinions on the inclusion/representation of not just different departments, but different people. Yeah, I understand that it’s just a name, but radio is part of the RTVF department and should be recognized as such. I appreciate the various department heads– who ARE fellow students, btw– taking the time to speak about the change

  8. We appreciate your support in promoting respect and equal representation in the KSJS and SJSU communities. It is really admirable that you are making an effort to create a supportive environment and offer hands-on instruction. We respect and appreciate your outstanding dedication!

  9. As an animation major, I can deeply sympathize with the university not giving us the recognition and support we deserve. Radio is a huge passion of mine as well, and KSJS is beyond worthy of respect. Not to mention, the skills you learn are valuable and applicable to the workforce at large.

  10. Something that stood out to me about this post is how much radio has changed the course of many students’ time at SJSU. After hearing all the different stories one thing is very clear, KSJS means something to so many different people. As for myself I didn’t know much about college radio and joining the class has made me realize how much radio does. This is a class I can see myself being a part of for the rest of my college career. There is a great community in KSJS and Radio deserves respect.

  11. All information given is perfectly put, being able to see from just this blog how much this means not only to the students involved but all those around the KSJS radio really puts into perspective the impact of the decision being made. Loved the incision of the videos from and by the students being able to see the faces behind it all makes the importance of this issue easily understood.

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