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Being a huge Rina Sawayama fan, I was super excited to see her live for the very first time, and having floor tickets gave me a great view of her performance. Since this was a midnight show, she didn’t take the stage until 11:45pm, with Disko Cowboy and Empress Of opening before Rina, but the wait was well worth it. Rina Sawayama gave a passionate and fiery performance, and if she keeps up this trajectory, she could be the face of alternative pop music in the near future. 

With a grand entrance, Rina Sawayama ( @rinasonline ) set the tone of the show immediately, and the first thing that really stood out to me was the production value of her stage design along with her frequent wardrobe changes. Her varying outfits parallel the assortment of genres that she explores in her music, and the shifting stage design exemplified this as well. The dance choreography from Rina and her two backup dancers really elevated the show, as they had wonderful onstage chemistry together. The crowd and I were enamored the whole way with the presence and atmosphere that Rina set, and it does not compare to any other concert that I’ve been to. 

This was my first pop show, and it was the energy that really stuck with me the entire night. I sang along to pretty much every single song, and this was definitely the most lit crowd I’ve been a part of at a show. With so many passionate fans in the crowd (a lot of people wore cowboy hats to match with Rina’s main outfit), I felt like I was witnessing something life changing not just for me, but for everyone else in this crowd. My favorite songs in her set were This Hell, STFU!, XS, and Comme Des Garçons (Like the Boys), all of which hyped up the crowd the most. My cousin went with me to this show, and afterwards we both agreed that Rina exceeded our expectations by a mile. 

To sum it up, Rina Sawayama’s show at The Warfield ( @thewarfield ) honestly blew me away. As a huge fan of hers, seeing her for the first time felt like magic. Her stage presence and swagger really was a sight to behold, and I highly recommend her music to pop fans. With confidence I’ll say she’s my favorite artist of all time, this show really solidified that number one spot for me. 


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  1. Pop is a type of music that takes me back to when I was younger. It’s so nice that you got to experience a different vibe than any other concert you’ve been to.

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