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I am a student at San Jose State University, a member of the Sports Department ( @ksjssports )at 90.5 FM KSJS student-run Ground Zero Radio, and a dedicated Sharks fan. Much like the many local and underground
artists we showcase in the music we play, at KSJS we not only rep for our university sports, but our the
local sports teams as well. And for all those devoted and loyal Shark fans out there, I feel it is my duty to
prepare all of you for the excitement and energy coming this year from the Shark Nation ( @sanjosesharks  )!

To say this is a different Sharks team from the prior years is an understatement. In recent years we've
seen a drastic amount of players traded in an effort to acquire draft picks and build the next Shark
dynasty. For me, this meant saying goodbye to many of my favorites including Joe Thornton, Brent
Burns, Timo Meier, and during their busy offseason, Erik Karlsson. It’s been painful to watch, but there is
some light at the end of the tunnel. There are new names crossing the ice in our shark tank including
Filip Zadina, whom some are speculating might just be a superstar in the making.

So we’re stepping out on the ice to a completely different team, and that was kinda the plan. The Sharks
are rebuilding, as all teams have done over the years from time to time, they take a reset. As many
consider a blank canvas the best to work with, this fresh new blood is brought in with the aim of building
a great team for the future. That my fellow Shark fans is where we stand now. The question we are left
with is what’s next? Well, that is easy, we root our boys on! That’s right! We run to our closets, yank our
favorite teal jerseys off the hanger, and get down to the tank! They need our support and we must
answer the call!

I had the opportunity to be there with my family for two of the preseason games to get a taste of what
to expect. The first game was crazy exciting and I was super optimistic. Within the first ten minutes, we
had already scored three goals against the Vegas Golden Knights with fans going crazy cheering for the
next goal and some free tacos. If you don’t already know, anytime our Sharks score at least four goals in
a home game, everyone wins four free tacos from Taco Bell. By the end of the game, we won 5-2! Let
me tell you, there is nothing better than some free late-night drive-thru tacos to celebrate a Sharks win!
However, in a tough loss, the first ten minutes of the next game we watched against the Anaheim Ducks
was the exact opposite. With three scores from our guests in those first ten minutes, the Ducks took
home the win in the end at 4-2 against our Sharks.

I believe these two games could possibly resemble what we are in for this season from the Sharks. Many
exciting moments, with many lessons to learn from. Various sports outlets are projecting the Sharks to
be at the bottom of the league looking up. Don’t let this discourage you too much, all teams have been
there at some point. Many great championship teams had to begin the same way. Does this affect me?
Absolutely not! I will be at the tank sporting my teal colors and cheering them on! They need all of our
support, and hey, we all need some free tacos!

Bottom line, we’re gonna proudly ride this tidal wave to our destiny! So hang in there with me as we see
what lies ahead and come on down to the tank or tune in through a live stream to watch the San Jose
Sharks continue their season as they face Tampa Bay Lighting today. You all know
that’s where I’m going to be, sporting my teal colors and rooting our boys on!

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  1. The game between the Sharks and the Vegas Golden Knights sounded suspenseful. It’s incredible that Taco Bell gave everyone free tacos.

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