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Sol Blume 45
Pictured: Jhene Aiko Performance

Sol Blume has been recently on the come up as one of Sacramento’s newest yearly music festivals featuring a highly curated lineup of popular R&B artists. This year has been the biggest it’s ever been. With being held at Discovery Park, the festival had seen a record turnout of attendees from all over California. Sol Blume had originated at Caesar Chavez Plaza, a small park in the middle of Downtown Sacramento featuring Jhene Aiko as the single-day festival headliner. Now split among two large stages, Jhene Aiko has returned to the now two-day event alongside Summer Walker for a blast of a lineup. Other artists included Thundercat, Bino Rideaux, Blxst, Jorja Smith, Syd, Tinashe, Alina Baraz, Lucky Daye, and Sinead Harnett.


Sol Blume 16
Pictured: Niko Ramirez



My experience was very well anticipated as I have been to so many shows, but none of them have been in my hometown. It was nice being out in Discovery Park because I interestingly have never been there before, even being from the area. I thought it was really nice actually. The weather was not too bad at all, it was just at the peak of Spring, and this time around in Sacramento it feels nice to the skin. The best time to be wearing a t-shirt after a cold winter, if I must say.

The layout of the grounds seemed very typical, with two stages set side-by-side and divided by a food and drink area. One of the things that I liked is that the stages were facing the west, which meant that by the time the sun was going down, everyone would be able to see an artist performing while getting to watch an amazing central valley sunset behind them. One of the cool things I found too was that in the middle of the stages, there was a section for VIP ticket holders that provided more shade, and more food and beverage stands with shorter lines. Entrance to this VIP area also had paths directly leading to each of the stages VIP sections for an even smoother experience. Sacramento will forever be known as the City of Trees, regardless of what name the city council wants. Therefore, seeing music stages surrounded by trees is something straight out of a dream.

Sol Blume 27
Pictured: Blxst Performance

I’d like to talk about Blxst’s performance in particular. I think his set was honestly one of the most anticipated to see for Sunday as he had released his most popular song “Chosen”. I wasn’t in the VIP section for this performance but being able to see the insane amount of people that showed up for him despite there being an entirely other artist performing at the same time was mesmerizing. I believe Blxst will become an even greater artist in the future.


Overall, I think anyone should experience Sol Blume, especially if you have a high interest in singing along with your friends to some of the most popular R&B artists. Sacramento also deserves more recognition as well and I think the organizers did a great job in putting on a show in a city that most people do not know much about. The food is amazing and the vibes for this festival were immaculate. If you’re traveling from the Bay Area, the drive is honestly not bad at all and is rather lovely if you want to make this a weekend getaway with some friends and rent an Airbnb. 

Until next time !!


Sol Blume 32
Pictured  Sol Blume Goers

Written by Niko Ramirez

All Photos Courtesy of Niko Ramirez

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