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On September 28, Thee Sacred Souls( @theesacredsouls ) performed a surprise concert at The Fillmore in San Francisco. While there was no planned tour for Thee Sacred Souls, I stumbled upon a LiveNation ad on my Instagram stories a couple weeks prior that said they will be performing at SF, so I had to snag a ticket. This is my third time seeing them, so let that go to show how amazed I was by the other shows I attended! 

I arrived two hours before doors opened as I was determined to be at the front because Thee Sacred Souls are one of my favorite artists/bands. I ended up being fifth in line. As the doors opened I made my way inside and found myself at the very front on the right side against the barricade. My excitement for the show grew, because I had never got to experience a concert that close. 


The Fillmore ( @thefillmore ) is a smaller venue with no frills, but the atmosphere set by the people livened up the environment. While it is a humble space, the venue is rooted in music history with the likes of names such as Aretha Franklin, Elton John, and The Doors. While these stars have played the big stage of The Fillmore in the past, this night was set for new stars to grace the stage.



With energies heightened within the crowd, when Thee Sacred Souls came out, the crowd roared as they began to play their hit single, “Will I See You Again?”, and needless to say I was hyped to be seeing them again. Thee Sacred Souls created an atmosphere filled with retro soul, with the implementation of the oldies sound and twists of throwback R&B groove. They played songs that are highly filled with themes of love through different perspectives, such as the ideas of being in love and feeling highly infatuated, to experiencing heartbreak and loss, to embracing our shared love for one another. The experience had people swaying with their partners sharing their intimacy, to people allowing their tears to break thinking of what could’ve been, but more importantly we all got to groove with each other. Thee Sacred Souls brought together a perfect night filled with love for the soul! 

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Photo Courtesy by Kristian Marcus

With a full heart, it was euphoric to see one of my favorite artists put on a show again, but it was more amazing to see how much their fanbase has grown. I had first seen them in August 2022 at a show that had a large demographic of the older generation. This time around, I saw a large demographic of younger people. We may hear people of the older generation tend to say that they don’t make music like they used to. With the rise of “new oldies” in music today, it allows generations of old to reminisce, and generations of new to discover, as no matter the age, we all can embrace the timeless sweet soulful sound of Thee Sacred Souls.




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  1. Old music is something that is coming back around. It is so cool to see that there was a younger generation there compared to the last time you went.

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